From a small fishing village in Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica, IceTurner has risen above his expectations for himself as a musician.  He started as a hobby which later grew into passion. Music, he said “is the comfort of peace during the hard times”. He evolved from the small mindedness of music and has now entered into an international image. At the prime of his life IceTurner is ready to show his growth in music and continue taking dancehall further. 

    He recalled a time when he felt has though he should give up and he lost faith in his talent. There were obstacles he had to face but with endurance and perseverance he managed to held on to his childhood vision of becoming Jamaica’s next international protege. His projects consists of popular songs to include “Designa Wear”, “Take Ova”, “Negro Blood”, “Danger”, “Gold Sweat”, “Fenty” and “Extravagant”. He was featured in Jamaica’s Star and Jamaica’s Gleaner. His next mission is to take Jamaican dancehall to a next level like Rhinna took Barbados and with that, to make history of being the first artist to put his hometown on the musical radar. He explained that he feels as though the talents outside of the city his from is frequently are overlooked.


Sasha Funn is a new artist who loves high charged, club banger music. She was born in Kingston, Jamaica and she resides in the United States. 

      Sasha Funn released her first song Designer World in 02/2018 under the name Sasha Fun with Quefa Don Records. From there she release My Make Up and then the remix of My Make Up featuring Big Pop with Rebel Kolony. Most recently she collaborated with reggae artist I-Shenko on his track Winner.

         Sasha Funn is new to the music business, she brings high energy. Upbeat, fun, party music for anyone to vibe to.

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